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Key Elements to Sealing the Deal

Thursday 11th October, 11:20am

IT professionals face a multitude of negotiation scenarios, from dealing with scope creep and requests for discounts, through to securing the next engagement.  In the complexity and urgency that plagues many of these negotiations, what are the most important things to focus on? 

 Stuart van Rij presents ways IT professionals can improve their negotiating skills, examining the negotiator’s Achilles’ heel, how to drive a negotiation forward and the key focus area when navigating the tricky waters of a business dialogue.


About Stuart van Rij

Stuart van Rij is a negotiation coach with the US based Negotiator-Pro Inc. He is part of a team of accredited coaches around the world that utilise the Camp Negotiation Management System. This system has been used by hundreds of organisations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and the FBI Hostage Crisis Negotiation Training Unit.