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Big Data? Dont Panic: Automation to the Rescue

Friday 10th October, 11:20am

Big Data continues to challenge organisations to create more value for business from copious amounts of information at their fingers. The problem can be tackled via a fundamental approach to the Data Warehouse.

It is now becoming clear how much Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) can evolve the way organisations build, renovate and maintain information stockpiles to integrate with business processes. DWA is essential when it eliminates breakdown, increases responsiveness, improves data quality, lowers costs, and empowers professionals and executives to derive value from the copious amounts of unstructured information flooding their networks.

This presentation looks at the increasing convergence of the data warehouse with Big Data, and how businesses can use DWA to mine the ore of information at their fingertips.


About David Morris

David Morris manages the Australian and New Zealand markets for WhereScape, a data warehousing software company. Morris joined WhereScape as a consultant, and has worked with many of the company’s key customers in New Zealand and abroad.

His expertise in the business intelligence and data warehouse space spans multiple industries, including telecom, healthcare, banking and financial services, government, energy, retail and FMCG.