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Speakers » Curtis Bailey and Keran McKenzie


The Developer Ecosystem

Weds 8th October, 2:40pm

What makes for a great application programming interface in the age of the cloud?

If APIs are simply what makes systems talk to each other, there is still the devil in the details. Curtis Bailey and Keran McKenzie discuss the technical challenges their companies faced to create a new cloud-based management solution, combining SmartJobs’s scheduling, time-tracking and mobility solutions with MYOB’s cloud accounting products. From this partnership, SmartJobs gained access to a larger pool of potential customers, while MYOB expanded its solution portfolio, but it was all hinged on getting that critical API relationship right.

About Curtis Bailey and Keran McKenzie

Curtis Bailey is co-founder of Auckland-based tech startup SmartJobs, a cloud-based solution for tradies which enables users to schedule, quote and invoice jobs on the go.

Keran McKenzie is MYOB’s API evangelist, with a job record in search and mobile solutions, and was Head of Product Innovation at Yellow in New Zealand prior to joining MYOB in 2012.