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Depression "To Be or not To Be"

Thurs 9th October, 3:20pm

The number of New Zealanders on antidepressants has doubled in the last six years, with 1.4 million prescriptions now filled annually. Depression is clearly a more commonly recognised disease than at any other time in New Zealand history, and the condition impacts IT professionals as much as anyone else.

Author Keith Lightfoot talks of his own experiences, including examining the types of mental and physical actions he's found have directly affected thinking and bodily health, while using a tested method, Positive Psychology, to deal with depressive thought patterns.


About Keith Lightfoot

Keith Lightfoot is a member of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology, and author of the book, Thank God it’s Friday. He is also a regular speaker on methodologies for better business outcomes and insights to personal confidence.

His career in IT spans back to the 1970s and currently works as an account manager for Christchurch-based Wired Internet Group.