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AaronSteeleTeaching and Assessing Database Concepts using GIS

Thurs 9th October, 3:20pm

In this paper, a process for trialling and assessing GIS (Graphical Information Systems) principles in a database development course for level six students currently undertaking an information and communications technology (ICT) degree is described.  This paper builds on previous research and provides a description of how GIS shape data was incorporated in the form of practical lessons into the database development curriculum in order to integrate with relational database objects; Views, Stored Procedures and Triggers. A description and the results of a formal assessment is presented and compared against the previous year. Student feedback on the GIS spatial data database assignment is also presented and discussed.  The study found that the incorporation of GIS shape data into the curriculum to be educationally viable, and also suggests a resulting increased interest level from students.


About Richard Dargie

IT lecturer at UCOL in Palmerston North. A keen website and database  developer who loves keeping up with technology trends in these areas.