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iBeacon and the Internet of Things

Thurs 9th October, 12:00pm

Apple quietly announced in 2013 a nerdy-sounding feature of its operating system that was said to give apps a new “level of location awareness”. Since then, the potential of iBeacon has gained attention from business users around the world.

The technology uses a new incarnation of Bluetooth that allows transmitters to tell nearby smartphones of their presence. Combined with the right smartphone software, iBeacon opens exciting possibilities to connect the online and offline worlds and move us one step closer to the Internet of Things. Mark Pascall discusses the prospects of iBeacon, using real world examples from New Zealand and abroad.


About Mark Pascall

Mark Pascall is the founder of 3Months, a web and mobile web application developer. He has a 25 year history in helping organisations in the UK and New Zealand use technology to meet business goals. Pascall has presented at over 20 conferences on Mobile Development, the Cloud, Agile, iBeacons, APIs and Web Accessibility. He is also the author of numerous articles.