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Coding Bootcamps: Growing the tech talent pool

Thurs 9th October, 2:30pm

Coding bootcamps have spread like wildfire around the tech centres of the world, making junior developers out of raw talent by the thousands. These programs typically run for nine to 15 weeks, scoring high post-graduate placement rates, filling a niche in IT education.

Joshua Vial explores how bootcamps work, their strengths and weaknesses, and how bootcamp graduates differ from university and polytech graduates. Joshua speaks from experience with Dev Bootcamp and launching New Zealand’s first programming bootcamp, Enspiral Developer Academy.


About Joshua Vial

As founder of the social enterprise community, Enspiral, Joshua Vial has been involved in launching many of its technology startups, including Metric Engine, Chalkle, Bucky Box, and most recently Enspiral Dev Academy.

Joshua is active in Wellington's early stage social enterprise community and is a Trustee for Conscious Consumers and an advisor for PledgeMe. He holds multiple governance roles in the companies he has been involved in.