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Practising what we Teach: Applying Agile Principles ot Tertiary Computing Education

Weds 8th October, 2:40pm

This paper describes the development of a proposed set of Agile Principles for Tertiary Computing Education as developed through an Agile Education workshop held during the annual Computing South Island Educators’ (CSIE) forum. The purpose of the workshop was to explore innovative and ‘agile’ approaches that have been used within our South Island institutions to consider whether the principles of agile development could be usefully applied or adapted to tertiary computing education. Each case study was analysed to determine alignment with agile principles and emerging themes in the application of these principles to tertiary computing education were identified and discussed. This led to the development of a proposed set of Agile principles for tertiary computing education to support the development of computing courses, course components and programmes. Meaningful learning has emerged as a key factor for further exploration.


About Mary Proctor

Mary Proctor is the Manager of the Digital Technology Programmes at NMIT and is passionate about engendering student and staff engagement in the learning process.  Mary has been instrumental in the implementation of a number of innovative approaches to teaching and learning within the Bachelor of Information Technology programmes at NMIT.  Current research projects include Cross Border Collaborative Education and Technology Mediated Pedagogy.